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    Saturday 7th July 2018 at 20:18

    Bonsoir Fiona

    très jolie blog, et ta musique j'adore je connais cette chanson je crois que le titre est " il faut croire aux anges" reprise pas Alain Morisod et son groupe .

    Tes horloges sont superbe,tu as beaucoup de talents. Je te souhaite un tres bon Week End, Bisou.




      • Thursday 19th July 2018 at 17:40

        Hello Angedu !
        Thank you very much for your visiting my blog !  You made me happy for you like my watch-desing, Thanks !
        The music is "I have a dream" from Abba / piano playing Richard Clayderman
        I also like your beautiful blog with your super creation, Congratulation !
        Hope you had a nice summer holiday ? I came home now from visited my children It It was wonderful !
        I wish you all the best ! Fiona

    Friday 20th July 2018 at 20:47

    Un petit coucou en passant pour te souhaiter une bonne soirée, j'adore ton blog et ta musique.je reviendrais souvent , Bisous ma belle.


      • Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 20:00

        Hello my friend Danielle !
        Thank you so much for your greeting on my site !
        Now the summer is going to end. Coming soon autumn
        and then we have more time designing pictures
         and visiting others' vebb page.
        Have a nice time ! Best vishis : Fiona

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